Full Online Multiplayer!

Combat Extreme online 3D browser based multi-player first person shooter video game. Play with friends from all around the world in large online multiplayer environments! Earn in-game points you can use towards upgrading your player and obtaining items or attachments.

Play as a guest and give the game a test, or consider registering a free account to both gain and spend your earned in-game points in upgrades for your character(s).

You can also find our Facebook fan page here, and can play the game directly from your facebook account by adding the game to your game apps on facebook.

Full Destructable Environments!

Combat Extreme 2.0 takes our custom destruction system to a whole new level by introducing jaw dropping demolition on large scale technical levels throughout all our playable environments.

Land, Air and Sea Game Play!

Over all our available game modes we offer a large variety of land, air and sea vehicles to bring our players the ultimate war experience.